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Koh Chang and the surrounding 52 islands are now becoming one of the most popular holiday island destinations in Thailand. With its natural diversity and wonders, Koh Chang offer the best beaches in Thailand. The island is one big National Nature Park.

70 percent of Koh Chang is covered by mountainous untouched rainforest. With breathtaking sceneries of wildlife, stunning waterfalls, and marine life, Koh Chang is your definite holiday destination. Koh Chang’s ten other islands also offer unforgettable experiences. Most of these islands, including the famous KohKood, lay south of the main island.


This fishing village is built in the sea, with wooden fridges linking each house together. The villages make a living by fishing and catching the plentiful soft cuttlefish. This island is also a major source of "Kapi" or shrimp paste, together with fresh and dried seafood. Home-stay type accommodation is available for tourists who want to savor an authentic taste of village life.

How to get there: Ban Bang Bao Village is situated at the end of the road in front of the island. It is enclosed by a mountain which beyond Had Kai Bae 10 km. At present you can drive to this village on one way concrete road or take a minibus from Dan Kao Pier.


Koh Chang is the 2nd largest island in Thailand. The island nature is reserved and it has some of the most spectacular coastal, mountain and island scenery in South East Asia. It is surrounding by islands designated for national park. Canoeing and kayaking is one of the great workout activity and a cheap alternative to enjoy the natural. Adventures can travel around coastal area to Mangrove forest, numerous bays and watch sunset. Many rentals places provide hourly rental, full day rental or even many days trip (a tour guide can travel with you to many islands around Koh Chang; night camping or hotel accommodation will be provided depend on your choice of trip).


Elephant trekking is a very popular activity in Koh Chang. There are a few elephant camps on the island. In Koh Chang, you can truly experience the elephants in their natural surroundings. You will be riding on the back or neck (if requested) of the elephant through rainforest jungle and rubber trees seeing birds, lizards, forest animals, exotic flowers and crystal clear rivers from the viewpoint of the elephant. You will be amazed at how well these big animals navigate through these narrow paths. Each elephant camp provides different riding packages containing different riding time periods and activities. In some cases, you can feed elephants, or even swim and scrub/shower the elephants.


The seas around Koh Chang are paradise fishing grounds. Its warm water is home to Barracuda, Cobia, Groper Sailfish, King Mackerel, Longtail Tuna, Snapper, Trevally and gar & ray. You can hire entire boat and crew for a private fishing trip or join with others if you are short on members. There are varieties of rentable fishing boats. You can rent a more traditional Thai fishing boat and experience Thai fisherman way of life or if you prefer a more comfortable experience, an air-con cabins boat can also be provided. Some boat is equipped with a fish finder to ensure that you will catch something on your trip. Fishing boat can be rent as a half day or full day fishing trip. For a hardcore fisher, there are also many days trip available. In addition to fishing, squid hunting is also famous in Koh Chang. During night time, you can see mysterious bright lights in the middle of the sea, those are squid boats. Squid hunting is conducted during night time and the bright light is used to attract the squids to the surface where they can easily be caught. Transportation can be arranged to these fishing and squid hunting places. The baits and equipment will also be arranged by the fisherman.


Nest Sense Resort offers Thai cooking classes right at the resort. This is a popular activity at our resort. Come see for yourself why. Reserve in advance to guarantee your spot on your selected date. The class will go over basic cooking ingredients and techniques. Some popular dishes that you can learn are Tom Yum Goong and Pad Thai. You will receive certificate from the instructor to show your friends that you now know how to cook Thai food!


Koh Chang is one of the most preserved islands in Thailand and it is surrounded by many national park islands. The sea water is shallow and crystal clear perfect for scuba diving / snorkeling. Marine life underwater, even white-tip reef sharks, is just waiting to be explored. You can also expect to see many colorful corals during your trip. Scuba diving and Snorkeling are best as a full day trip. For the day trip, you can take a break from underwater activity and have lunch on tropical white sand beaches. If you are in a rush, half day trip is also possible. All driving/snorkeling equipment will be provided by professional diver organizers. You can form your own private diving/snorkeling group or join other explorers. If you want snapshots of this memorable experience, we can recommend you to the diving organizers that have underwater photo taking equipment. Some possible exploration areas are Koh Rang, KohThang Lang, Koh Yak, KohNok, KohWai, HinLuk Bat, Hin Sam Sao and HinRaap.